Receptivity to the earth-nature….

The force of gravity re: sun-earth !!

Milky Way Galaxy’s gravit-center ….

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range’s !!

We know that the blessings of the Sun, Earth, and Moon are real and traditional from our point of view. This is an individual, and sometimes collective, realization !

We know that the Blessings of Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity are worthwhile and beneficial from our point of view! The joy, happiness, & contentment we feel when we sit in the morning sunlight and feel it’s heat, light, and energy are supportive of our investigation into the scientific descriptions and explanations of the increments of geological and geographical time. 

IMAGE: Our own important valleys…my Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and it’s earth-nature … The Celestial Cosmic Consciousness that surrounds the Earth … The ANCIENT & MODERN Lake that reflects the sunlight of day and the moonlight of night … The mountain of intelligence and enlightenment that contemplates the various and sundry natural sciences !! 

COMMENTARY: The evolution of like here on our planet earth is a truly marvelous concept to meditate upon !! The evolution of our own individual life (person by person) is again a very satisfying concept (individually) to meditate upon !! Concepts such as ‘center of gravity’, and ‘photosynthesis’, and ‘origin of oceanic salt water’, and ‘origin & evolution of metabolism’ are worthwhile concepts to contemplate, discuss, and meditate upon !! The Milky Way Galaxy and the 111 Globular Galaxies that closely surround it, is not it, are not they worthy of our united effort to comprehend ??

Individually and collectively we are trying to improve !! Individually and collectively we want health and wealth, happiness & contentment, progress & improvement !! Intelligence and Enlightenment are ours !! Now we can educate ourselves !!


April 02, 2019 Tues.

Herb Mullin